There’s always something. That seems to have been the theme of Bean’s life so far, and our newest one is orthotics. One foot is a little wonky, her toes curl oddly (originally named Curly Toe) and so she has to be measured for orthotics to wear in her shoes.

Bless her she was such a good girl letting them take moulds of her feet. We pick up both full insoles in 3 weeks and from that point go back every 3-4 months for new ones. Hopefully it will help her balance and walk.

Apparently bean is so hypermobile that her joints probably hurt her when she moves, and it makes her more tired. This is common to Noonan Syndrome. It’s an upsetting thought though to think that she might have painful aching joints at the age of 3. Even more upsetting to think she might think it’s normal that it hurts to walk around. Already she asks for me to rub her legs for her so they obviously ache.

I’m hopeful that the orthotics will help her move around more easily, but it’s another appointment isn’t it. Another thing that needs an eye keeping on regularly. Oh well, if she can keep smiling then so can I.

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