Christmas Shopping

Aaaand I think I’m pretty much done on the present buying front for the children. Well aside from stocking fillers! So glad to be done and obviously really hoping the children will love what they’ve been bought.
It’s so hard when there’s so much out there! Plus it’s Bug’s birthday in a week which means he gets more toys then too!
I’ve been loving Amazon’s black friday week of deals, some great bargains there that have saved me money (and that’s always a good thing, it’s a super expensive time of year).

My biggest bug bear has been the presents for extended family. Like OMG! I honestly think a better system would be we all buy for our own SMALL family unit (as in whoever lives in the house). I’d much rather my money went on my own children rather than things I fully suspect people won’t reeeeeally use. I suppose I only find it annoying because we’re tight for money.

Oh well. Nothing that can be done and I don’t want to be a scrooge XD

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