Hard choices

Sorry for the absence, Bean and Bug have both been poorly (two chest infections and one ear infection) so you can imagine what life has been like in our house! Full of sleepless nights, coughing and sad children and calpol.

Bean now has her orthotic insoles in her shoes to help correct her feet (one turns in a little, she has curly toe) which she is building up gradually wearing.

But it was physio today that threw up some questions. For a while now Bean has been crying when she has to walk. She wants carrying. Everywhere. Or pushing if she has to but she doesn’t want to walk. If you ask she says her legs are sore and points to her ankles, knees and hips. Every day she asks me to ‘stroke legs’ (rub her legs for her). So I brought it up with physio today to see if it was child stubborness or an actual issue as she suffers from low muscle tone and hypermobility.

Turns out it’s an actual issue. It’s very likely that she does have pain when she walks as her extreme hypemobility in all her joints mixed with low muscle tone means that she has to work harder to even stand up, let alone move. Physio said it’s comparable to when we do a hard work out at the gym and we ache afterwards, except that’s her every day.

We can’t push her to do to much, but we need to encourage her to walk. We also need to up her swimming to 1-2 times a week rather than every other week as we go currently to help. But they brought up the suggestion that we can borrow a mobility pushchair from them as she is too big to carry easily now. I’ve said we’ll think about it and tell them in 3 months on our next appointment. They’ve left it with me that I can ring up at any point and see her again and get one before then. I guess I just feel torn, like it would be giving up on her walking normally. But then is it fair to make her struggle on when it hurts? I mean she wouldn’t be always in the chair, just for distance like shopping / town / walking to swings at the park.

Life is unfair. Three years old is too little to be coping with pain daily. I wish I could take it for her. I wish that so much.

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